The Supernatural

There are five Class I supernatural entities and four Class II. Here they can be explored and understood. Keep in mind this information is for NC members only. Any personnel that does not have proper clearance to this intel will not be be permitted to view it under any circumstance.

Class I Entities: Entities most encountered in he field. Mostly manageable in combat scenarios with specific situational exceptions. Advisory = Perform duties and act on training to overcome enemies of this class of supernatural beings.





Fallen Angels

Class II Entities: Entities least encountered in the field. Have mostly undocumented combat abilities. Lack of intel results in a reduced ability to combat effectively. Advisory = Do not engage in single combat if possible. Retreat or re-route around at first contact with a Class II entity.

The Weavers


Kryptic Species

Old Ones

The Supernatural

The Zero Reich KenSee